Grace Crossing was established in 2012 by the Synergy Multiplication Initiative. A small group of people from Moundridge were experiencing a 'holy discontent' that resulted in their desire to create a new kind of church in this communtiy. The vision was to create a church culture where people who didn't typically like church...would like church. People who might not have been fond of God...would grow to love God. This group wanted a church that focused on preaching the Gospel & grace of God in a real and practical way. Though we have a long way to go to become who God has called us to be, we have been humbled to be a part of God's story in our area. Since our launch we have baptized over 70 people & have seen over 150 people make decisions for Christ. We currently reach people within a 45 mile radius, have a strong group of online listeners & are always looking for where we can impact next. Jesus will always be our leader. Love will always be our goal. Grace will always be our DNA.