Grace Crossing Exists To...

Reach Disconnected People & Equip Them To Fully Engage With Jesus.

We Believe...

  1. That Jesus Is A Pretty Big Deal. At this church, Jesus is the center. You won't ever have to wonder what we's always been Jesus, it will always be Jesus.
  2. That All People Matter To God, So They Matter To Us. Unfortunately, church culture has become a place that looks more exclusive than inclusive. Our approach to church creates an environment where ALL people are accepted & it's okay to not be okay. We like to say 'We aren't for everyone, but we are for anyone."
  3. That We Are Called To Impact & Influence The World. At this church we take our role in the community seriously. Scripture calls us to be salt (a preservative that keeps things from going bad), light (the constant focus for direction), and dot-connectors (that our actions connect people to God). We strive to teach & equip you to live your everyday life in a way that impacts those around you. 
  4. That We Are Called To Be A Catalyst For Hope. There is no denying that we live in a world that has drifted away from what God intended. Many of us come to churches with baggage, hurts, broken dreams, and a lot of 'what-ifs'. We feel judged and condemned enough by culture & frankly we don't see any place for that in church. We want to give you hope that is ONLY found in the grace of God.
  5. That We Are Called To Multiply The Local Church. Did you know that over 3,500 churches are closing each year? How are we to continue reaching a drifting generation if those who are supposed to be reaching people, simply aren't. Whatever the reasons for others not reaching, this church is committed to studying our region and planting churches where we see people who need to be reached. We love partnering with local churches and local organizations to see the Kingdom advanced. In the end...we are about bringing people in, building them up & sending them out for impact.